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We are czech company made from people who likes their job. All of us have quite good and several years of practise on IT filed. Most of us worked in the foreign countries or at least for international companies, what is giving us much better overview and experience.

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We are here to help you with IT technology.


  • delivery, installation, configuration and full maintenance/service of servers and server solutions
  • virtualization, hosting, datacenter housing, remote monitoring
  • backup and disaster recovery – design and realization of backup on or offsite by us, regular based backup media exchange to our or bank safe depository, backup data encryption

End Devices

  • delivery, installation, configuration and full maintenance/service
  • printers and scanners
  • mobile phones, mobile terminals (RF Guns)
  • backup power supplies – UPS
  • network components
  • delivery of HW and SW solutions


  • delivery, installation, configuration and full maintenance/service of active / passive network components (routers, switches, firewalls, VPN, WiFi, AP etc.) from small family/house via mid companies up to corporate networks all in the customer required standards
  • certification and long term experience with Cisco products


  • warranty and after-care service
  • PC´s and laptops
  • printers and scanners
  • mobile phones, mobile terminals (RF Guns)  
  • backup power supplies – UPS
  • network components

HW Rent & Leasing

  • short and long term rent or leasing of all HW for budget-wise price
  • suitable for start-up´s while need to push down the initial costs, possibility of later purchasing
  • by high season business
  • in case of outage/service of Your current HW, while you don´t like to invest during this outage or service

Infrastructure and wiring

  • design, consultation, realization
  • LAN cabling and components in highest quality cat. 6a and cat. 7
  • very good experience in large halls and buildings up to 40.000m2
  • offices, houses, flats and outside areas
  • wiring and cabling installations based on the legislative CZ & EU norms

Protection & Security

  • design and realization
  • protection of computers, servers and networks
  • camera systems
  • alarms


  • IT Audit
  • non-party consulting in HW and SW segment
  • help with the leading and driving of larger projects

Ecological HW Disposal

  • ecological disposal of electrical devices and components – cooperation with REMA company
  • clearing HW warehouses and server rooms
  • removal and disposal

Stěhování HW a IT zařízení

  • stěhování firemního IT, stěhování poboček, relokace, stěhování IT technologií
  • profesionální citlivé a šetrné stěhování serverů, racky, serverovny, datacentra
  • polstrované odpružené boxy, antistatické vaky

Barcode Systems

  • delivery, installation, configuration and full maintenance/service of barcode systems and devices
  • terminals, RF guns, RF scanners, handhelds, label printers
  • consumables – various dimensions of labels and rolls, perforation, water and frost-resistant labels
  • rental

HW Moving

  • moving of corporate IT, moving offices, relocating, moving of IT technologies
  • professional sensitive and gentle moving of servers, racks, server rooms, datacenters
  • padded spring boxes, antistatic bags


Except our main operational field in Czech Republic, we are serving and offering the service to the clients in the complete Europe. This is giving us the chance to cooperate with all business size from small customer to the large enteprise companies.  We all benefits on as getting better technological overview across the countries and cultures. We are mainly operating in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary atm, but our work can be seen around the world.

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