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We are czech company made from people who likes their job. All of us have quite good and several years of practise on IT filed. Most of us worked in the foreign countries or at least for international companies, what is giving us much better overview and experiance.

Who we are:

All of us prefer to deliver suitable, expected, cost effective but as well sense making solutions. based on that sometimes happen the original customer vision can bw changed or modified during implementaion based on the common consultation. The reason behind is we always act and deliver to the customer´s profit.

IT segment is growing and developing quite fast. Even you are running small family business or even an enterprise company, there is need to react on such changes to stay still on track and prosperity. And here we are to help You with..

Contact us even you are having trouble with single pice of harware or device, even your business growing up and You need long term support or hint how to continue. We can as well help You with the house electro or network installtions.

Our team is working as well on bigger projects like the warehouse halls or office buildings.

Don´t hesitate. Let´s make things better.. Together…



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Mob.: 776 03 1213
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Mob.: 776 03 1213
E-mail: info@itpro21.cz